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Your first & last job?(when,where,how,...) u got it ?!!

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ffm32206600 polycounter lvl 7
hello my friends
plz tell for us what do u do these days especially if you are freelancer, and where was your first client come from(Facebook,artstation linkedin or what...?
my answer:
the first was local jobs(local companies and university friends) im from Iran
and the last client is from Dubai and the platform for getting freelancer job was CGTRADER.com 
tnx for your answers


  • Bestort
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    You have a good start
  • PixelMasher
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    PixelMasher veteran polycounter
    First job: someone saw my art I was posting on some art forums, polycount, cgchat etc back in the day and slid into my DM asking if i was availiable to come in for an interview/art test etc. bashed that out and got my first job as a jr env artist. actually made a video about that part of my career!

    latest job: got poached from my job at WB Montreal by a random artstation dm asking if I was interested in a remote position for a US company, went through the interview process and made the jump to lead lighting artist. a months in they promoted me to environment art director based on the work and feedback I was giving to the team. technically I am a freelancer/consultant working for this company as it is based in the US and I am living in canada. but they treat me like a fulltime employee with all the same relative benefits/no end date to my contract.

    overall, about 80% of the jobs I have gotten in my career were random people reaching out to get me or me applying to them, and then there was a couple times in the mid point of my career when I had friends make a jump to another studio and then recommended me once they were in.
  • birb
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    birb interpolator
    First job: I got approached by someone from a local game studio through deviantArt (yes, I know). Artstation didn't exist at the time! Got an interview and art test, lading at a concept artist position. 

    I don't recall ever applying to an concept art/illustrator position to be honest, even freelance commissions start with someone approaching me—but please keep in mind this doesn't reflect the reality of the industry! It happens just due the mix of my location with the appeal of my default art style. The channel people use to get in touch are wherever I post my work, may it be Artstation or Tumblr. The probability of getting higher-profile projects is higher in Artstation, but other channels shouldn't be overlooked. The trick is to just consistently get your work out there until there are enough eyeballs on it so it gets around on its own.

    It's not about spamming your work though. The more you engage with people higher are the chances of work finding you.

    Latest job: I've been freelancing as a 2D artist for years by now. I'm doing a gradual switch to 3D and have recently started dipping my toes in this market, being the one doing job hunting for a change. I keep an eye out for interesting opportunities in jobs sections of related forums like Polycount, and it's been an interesting experience. Once you successfully win a project clients usually return with new ones, which is nice.

    Still didn't get approached for 3D work in the same way it happens with 2D, but it might have something to do with the fact I didn't put a proper Artstation portfolio together yet, haha. Once I get that ball rolling I'll probably start looking into getting a remote contract or full-time position.
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