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[Closed] Looking for 2d pixel artist for game assets

Project: Just a random hobbyist’s game

- Character and Medieval Environment Pixel Artist
- Minor animation on characters

Compensation: Negotiable, lump sum or hourly. If hourly, please respond with a quote of your rate and predicted of hours needed. Of course the game is ever growing so if it works out, I’ll eventually be back for more.

Project Description:
The game is a mobile, turn-based, hex strategy game, inspired by the old “Darklands” pc.

Creating a consistent visual style for the character, animal, and structure sprites. For now I’m just concentrating on the “open world” portion of the game. The more detailed, “tactical” portion will come later.

As realistic as possible, considering the restraints. Most things will be to scale (1 pixel ~ 1 foot), but occasional adjustments will be made to fit the hex grid, and to be more visually friendly. Animations are quick (3 frames for running cycle). Some modular sprites will be needed. This job is about variety and volume, so feel free to cut/paste/rotate/colorswap to quicken the process. Shadows are always cast as if the sun is directly above, so the sprites can be flipped.

Character Sprites: Mainly large animals (bears, boars, wolves, horses, oxen, wagons, boats etc.). Drawn in profile; left and right (most characters will just need one as they can just have the sprite flipped).


- Numerous biomes; mainly tundra, mountain, swamp, tropical, grassy, dessert, deciduous, evergreen forest. Possible objects in environments: Trees, bushes, grass, and rocks. Lots of artistic freedom. Objects need to be seasonal, so for example a deciduous tree needs 3 versions; summer, fall, and winter.

- Building style will be (1)wattle and daub, (2)wattle and daub with stone/brick bottom, and (3)entirely stone/brick. Roofs will be thatch or wooden shingles. Each building will need 3 separate angles (three sides of the hex, the remaining three will be flipped). Types of buildings are what you’d expect; residential, shop, smith, church etc.

- Other objects include bridges, docks, city walls, treasure chests etc., as well as interior walls and objects for buildings and caves.

- The ground/river/shore/ocean/roads are all procedural generated. While the color and noise can change, the style is fixed. So base the art style around this.

If you’re interested in working on an amateur project, email [email protected] for more details.

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