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[Finished] Lonely God

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vavavoom polycounter lvl 8
so, continuing my never-ending roundabout of working on various projects to improve, I recently got stuck into this one i'd put on the backburner some time ago.

I'm at the stage now where I think i've got the proportions ok? and am slowly working around detailing, cleaning, and retopo'ing as I go.
I did some super quick and dirty paint to help get more of a feel as went along.

Any feedback, particularly the proportions would be most grateful.

Thanks for looking~


The ref was from a while back and I didn't have artists name in the file, think it was kaicheng. If I can find it, i'll credit it.


  • vavavoom
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    vavavoom polycounter lvl 8
    Dress, wings, and hair to go, then I can call it finished.
    Experimented with various materials, am pretty happy, just the eyes material seems too bright...

    Feedback and crits always greatly appreciated~

  • DavidCruz
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    DavidCruz greentooth
    Not specifically directed at this piece, i like it for what it is.

    To the piece if you can learn Marvelous designer or use zbrushes new (clothing wrap features) idk the exact name haven't used it yet, the dress might come out looking 1000% times better.

    Cool, this looks good as a practice piece.

    I figured you might need some assitance in processes that might be beneficial, there are many ways to go about creating base-meshes for characters.  The claybuild brush on the chungli body you attempted already and some work for most and others work better for the majority.  Bascially try a different approach your mind will understand a lot better.

    Here is a search on artstation:
    Then one of those searched (for me) that stood out from the pack - 1st one i picked and was surprised at how they tackled the knee, was very interesting to me and unique:

    Then if you can there is my attempt at making a "flawless" approach (that works for me) where it would be nearly impossible to mess up any future designs apart from pulling something out of place before hand or any edits added to it, links in signature (under my post) (it utilizes one of the searched guides listed above) though i think its a paid for tutorial so it piggy backs on it and allows it to live while adding to it. (author still gets paid, i do not lol.)(looks like it would take long but with the right plan and tons of references for muscle placements and tuck a ways, will make it real quick, i did it in like 4 days or so so a bit over a week for someone new i guess.)

    -useless but informative how i even came up with it (cleaner guide), all credit to the author of that 1st tutorial that shows that process but by his/her 1st image and the color coordination added to its promotional display, i figured out the entire guide by just the image and added to it, i never watched it.
  • vavavoom
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    vavavoom polycounter lvl 8
    Thanks for the feedback @DavidCruz

    I would like to try Marvelous designer, however last time I tried to use it, it was painfully slow. I probably needed to play around with memory and graphics settings to improve the performance. I will definitely look to try it with future sculpts :)
    For now, I plan to hand sculpt the dress.

    Today was finishing the wings.
    I hope next progress update I can get the dress finished and looking nice~
    I'll leave the hair until last.

    As for the base mesh, here is the process I used:

    1. Rough dynamesh body sculpt (see top post, the pic with gym shorts and T-shirt)
    2. Create low poly base, add sub division levels
    3. Project dynamesh onto clean mesh
    4. Tidy/adjust sculpt

    For the shoes, it was a similar approach, but I used a hard surface method before projecting onto a low poly base mesh.

    1.Hard surface individual parts of shoe
    2. Boolean join into single tool
    3. Boolean subtract the sock mesh to create inside of shoe
    4. Dynamesh to solid piece (high detail res)
    5. Create low poly base mesh
    6. Project high detail onto lowpoly building up the sub divisions to capture detail.

    All finished parts of the sculpt are done this way, so each tool has the sub division slider and also any adjustments can be done easily by sliding to the lowest sub division.

    As you can see, the dress and hair are not done yet.

  • vavavoom
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    vavavoom polycounter lvl 8
    Experimenting with renders/materials.

    I'm hoping to finish the last bits of modeling and painting soon.... After, I will adjust pose to better match the reference.

    Thinking to lose the base...not sure it fits well with the model.

  • vavavoom
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    vavavoom polycounter lvl 8
    Hair is the last part to finish..

    -I'm thinking to scale down the size of the head just a touch.
    -Not gonna add the 'Lonely God' text for now, I think it makes spoils the dress and makes the design too noisy. Maybe later I'll play at adding it to see if I can make it look ok.
    -Still experimenting with lighting/rendering stuff to see what looks best 

  • vavavoom
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    vavavoom polycounter lvl 8
    Spent a whole evening working on the hair. Still in dynamesh and rough looking, but I'm gonna retopo and clean it all up once I've worked out the back of the hair.

  • Leo_Antunes
  • vavavoom
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    vavavoom polycounter lvl 8
    Thanks @Leo_Antunes :)

    Finally got time to finish up the hair.

    Gonna attempt  adjusting the pose next.
  • vavavoom
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    vavavoom polycounter lvl 8
    Finished up modeling, spent some time experimenting with with scale and pose.

    I'm not 100% satisfied with the pose and would like to learn how to better present my work with nice lighting, materials, render settings, etc.
    But gonna call this one done for now as I spent way too long on this... want to get on with other works.

    Thanks for checking it out out :)

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