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[Position Filled] Looking for a concept artist with a good grasp of pixel art

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Edit: Sorry all! We filled the position

Hey there! We're working on a fun project that plays, in places, with retro art styles. I've developed an art style that's somewhat interesting, but I need a concept artist to:
  1. Explore how we can take it from "kinda cool" to "wow!"
  2. Assist in sketching out new areas to play with different treatments and solve layout challenges.
Work will be intermittently needed starting in about 3 weeks until about 4 months from now, but perhaps more will be needed after that.

Ideally, you've got an interest in a range of styles - not just pixel art, and not just traditional painting. If you're interested, please contact John@OverTheMoonGames.com with samples of your work and your rates!
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