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[ WIP ] - Traditional Persian Tea House, UE4, Feedback Needed

Hey Polycount ! :)

I'm currently working on an environment in Ue4, a traditional persian tea house.
Before finishing it, I really want to have some feedbacks on it, since this would be the first environment I publish in my portfolio.

I wanted to make something different for this project and explore an other part of the world, and it's been really fun to work on so far.
There are still some blockout meshes in the scene, as I'm not done with all of the assets yet.
By far, I'm pretty much done with all of the main modular pieces and am currently working on the other objects. I've just finished the first main asset, the daybed. Besides the main assets (the daybed, the fireplace, and one or two hookah pipes) I plan on adding some more details, like some plates, tea cups, and other clutter items lying around.

I'll post updates once I'm making some more progress.

Thanks in advance,


  • CedricArsenault

    Part 2: the fireplace

    So, after thinking about it, I realized the fireplace didn't make much sense, since it doesn't have a chimney nor is it connected to a wall (I know, oops).
    At first, I was simply going to place it on the wall in the back and remove the kitchen serving window, but then I saw this image:

    I thought it could be interesting to place some old melted candles inside instead of a fire, and would make more sense.
    As for the missing chimney, The owners could have removed it, since it was obstructing the view too much and was starting to fall apart, since the tea house was built in an older building.
    I really want this asset to feel as if it was one of the few older items that was kept from the orignal place.

    So I started sculpting the asset, having that in mind. Here's my progress so far:

    The fireplace is mostly made of mud bricks covered in stucco. Since I wanted the asset to feel older than the others and wanted it to look as if the chimney was removed, I broke down the top a bit more.
    I also did a quick test bake and started blocking out some colors inside of painter:

    I really want your opinions on this: does this idea make any sense? Am I going on the right path? If not, what should I do differently?

    Thanks for reading.

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