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Swordswoman - Character

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This sword lady is the result of a Freelance work done for an great client, VFX Apprentice.
I had an absolute blast making this character - it really makes a huuuge difference when you are working with a super dope concept to begin with, as well as having a very easy and cool client to work with.

The character was done in 2 work weeks, but over a span of a month. It is by all means a optimized game character, to properly work in a game scenario, but the polygon/texture budget was not very strict, as long as itmar is performant.
All in all this character plus Sword an props is under 40k tris, with 6 texture sets at a 2k output each.

I really took this opportunity to ramp up my presentation in general, since I found that this is one of the areas I tend to fail the most.

Rendered in all Marmoset Toolbag awesomeness

WIPs and stuff are at the bottom.

Hope you like! Critiques are welcome.

Jason Keyser, who owns and runs VFX Apprentice has some really cool stuff coming down the pipe,
and has great content there already! So if you are interested in learning VFX for Games, do check 
it out!

Modeling, Sculpting, Texturing and Rendering done by me
Awesome concept done by Jeremy Anninos
Action pose Lighting (and help throughout the renders) done by beloved wife, Sam Bean.

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