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Scaling an object while animating in Marmoset 3.07

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totopulos polycounter lvl 6
Faced the problem of playing animation in Marmoset 3.07

In 3D Max 2016, i set up an animation of the rotation and motion of the object.
Exported animation and model to FBX. Playing animation at Marmoset. I find an incomprehensible scaling of the object during rotation.

I don't know what the problem is.

P.S. Source files can be viewed here


  • WillDettrey
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    WillDettrey polycounter lvl 11
    When you export your FBX, can you check the "Bake Animation" box so that it runs that action and let me know if it resolves this issue. Also, it's been a while since I used Max regularly, doesn't the XForm modifier assist in stabilizing geometry in cases like this? I believe the FBX export settings there also has the ability to collapse modifiers as well.

    Last thing, if you move your animation content from starting at the zero key to starting at the 1 key does that make a difference. Let me know and I'll have someone follow up with further testing if you still have issues.
  • totopulos
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    totopulos polycounter lvl 6
    @WillDettrey Thank you for responding

    1. Setting the "Bake Animation" option when exporting to FBX did not help
    2. The "XForm" modifier applied to the animated object and then collapsed the stack. It didn't help.
    3. Moving the beginning of the animation from 0 frame to another frame did not help.

    I tried to make animations without using the Skin modifier. The situation is the same.

    P.S. I noticed this thing. The faster the rotation speed in the animation, the more the object is scaled. Maybe it's a Marmoset bug?
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