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Answered: Bridge Surfaces to 3DS Max/Vray Displacement Error - Material Bleeding Onto Another Object

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Hi All,

I seem to be getting an issue when rendering using in Vray Next when using a surface from Quixel Bridge/Megascans. I seem to have no problem getting the surface from Bridge into 3ds max the importer seems to work as it should, simply press export in bridge and have megascans live link open in max with apply material to selection active. It then creates a VRay Displacement Mod on top of my stack. But for some reason the texture seems to be bleeding onto an entirely separate object, which just has a Vray glass material on it (note even with a standard gray material the material still bleeds onto it). Just looking for any suggests on what the issue could be. 

On a side note and I am not sure if maybe this could be the issue every time I start bridge it says I have an update I click yes, have fast internet and it just doesn't seem to download or install ever. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! 


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    Synaesthesia polycounter
    This looks like an issue with your rendering settings rather than anything intrinsic to the way Bridge sets up materials. With regards to Bridge downloads, that may be something related to Internet congestion the pandemic is causing. I'd recommend trying to download Bridge from quixel.com/bridge instead. 
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