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200 Runes, Signs, Symbols - (400 Alpha Textures) & 3d Rune Rock Model

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brainchildpl polycounter lvl 4
I just finished my pack :) 
Available on https://artstn.co/m/92kL
200 Symbols / Runes / Signs / Shapes / Cracks

Format files: 400 .psd files (4k, 16bit)200 Unique symbols / shapes / runes ( 400 alpha textures )Can be used for: norse, viking, elven, aztec, medieval, fantasy and other...3d Stone Rune Game-Ready model, 4k Textures (Unreal & Unity HDRP/URP ready)3d Stone Rune Model in 3 formats: .blend, .fbx, .objLODs

WATCH THE VIDEO BEFORE YOU BUY!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8UXSeorZD4 

Available on 

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