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3dsMax 2021.2 Smart Extrude

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  • New - Smart Extrude
    Adjacent faces are completely rebuilt and stitched together, matching the final visual output.
    No more need for time-consuming repairs on hidden faces or other geometric data resulting from extrusions.
  • Selection Improvements
    Loop and ring selection is now more intuitive at various component levels.
    Hold Ctrl and click to add loops and limited loops.
    Hold Alt and click to remove loops and limited loops.
  • New - Spline Chamfer Modifier
    Procedural chamfer on spline sd s modifier
    Use Stack Selection, Limit Effect options
  • New - Bitmap Random Tiling OSL Map
    Looks up a bitmap from UV coordinates and modifies each repetition so tiling is not evident. The shader has a mode to properly transform normal maps. It outputs the modified UV so it can be hooked up to other Bitmap Lookup shaders so you can apply the identical randomness, in addition, it outputs the Random Index itself to drive downstream synchronized modifications.
  • New - PBR Mixer OSL Map
    Mixes all parameters for two sets of PBR materials.
  • New - 1 of N (filename) OSL Map
    Picks one of the numerous inputs.
  • New - Scale (color) / Scale (vector) OSL Map
    Multiplies a color/vector by a float
  • New - MultiMixer (color)/Mix (color) / Mix (vector) OSL Map
    Mixes many pairs of color inputs driven by a single Mix input.
  • New - Wireframe
    Creates a wireframe with a fixed width relative to rendered pixels, with a square every 1x1 unit square in UV space.
  • Random By Index(Color) OSL Map - New Randomize Per component option
  • Curve OSL Map - New UV input mode option
  • Multithreaded Push modifier - My persona test showing 1500% speed up.
  • New - executeScriptFile() function for Maxscript.
  • Improved Bake to Texture map list UI.
  • Improved zoom extents behavior for perspective viewports
  • Faster loading scenes with many deep OSL shading trees.
  • A warning is displayed when collecting more than 10 materials from the scene in SME.
  • Render Message window - The Render message window has been redesigned to have a QT interface with a new color scheme, copy and paste is easier and you now have the option on whether to enable auto-scroll or not.
  • Fixed a crash in a CAT Parent object when pressing the time warp button.
  • Fixed the buttons to open Curve Editors for a CAT Layer displaying empty curve editors (no keys or curves).
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