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Raven Software Senior Concept Artist art test

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Isaiah Sherman polycounter lvl 12
After a 6 month hold as requested by Activision, I can share my art test I completed for Raven Software for the Senior Concept Artist position. 
I've been working at Raven Software for 3 months now and it's been amazing!

I was provided with several choices of what to start from and what to concept. I chose an arctic fishing village with some military dudes coming to visit an old double agent (made the story up myself, haha). 

Gathered refs and did thumb sketches in Photoshop, then did a 3D blockout in Maya and Octane, took some renders, compiled them back into Photoshop and then painted over it! 

Total 36 hours.

Art station project link here:

The final image

Animated GIF showing breakdown of layers / work process

Renders kicked out of Maya with Octane Render. I compile these together when doing my paintover.

Early exploratory thumbnails used for discussion on what the final tasks / goals are

Refs gathered while working

The original blockout screenshot that was provided and needing a paintover


  • birb
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    birb greentooth
    This is nice. Great job on making it look lived-in despite the hostile setting!

    Last art test I took was eons ago and local studios never bashed 2d with 3d or photos, so I'm a bit curious about the process: Did they also provide the 3D props used in the renders or you modeled/download them on your own? Because modeling and texturing all of this in 36 hours in addition to painting sounds a bit stressful, haha!
  • Isaiah Sherman
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    Isaiah Sherman polycounter lvl 12
    Heya! Nah it's too time consuming to model and texture all that. For concept purposes I just buy packs of pretextured models because all I care about is the final composition / concept. I do have to spend some time cleaning up ugly / bad UVs and materials to make sure they work with Octane render, though, so that's a bit of a time sink.
  • tysiu
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    tysiu keyframe
    Wow, it's really good. Thanks for posting the process, so interesting to see the steps it takes to create this type of concept art.
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