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[CANCELLED] Looking for someone to 3D model a car part for 3D printing

I am no longer looking to complete this project, mental health bills depleted all my funds.

I am trying to do a grill and headlight swap on my car (1982 Volvo 245) to an older version (70's style), unfortunately I can't find any used parts so I figured I could 3D print it as it is originally plastic any how. 

So what I'm thinking is I will provide the measurements based on my current car so it will fit that. I have a bunch of ref. material of the 70's grill and headlights that I will provide as well. You'll create a model that will fit my car and can be broken down to be 3D printed. 

I will probably draw up a diagram of what I am thinking, as there would be a couple elements that I would like to change so it's unique as well as fits better. 

Here's what were working with as of now:

And this is what I am trying to do:

So the model would be the black grill in the middle, as well as the housing that the lights fit into. You can see thought that the hood is actually flat and it doesn't stick out like in the above picture of my car. So that's the major issue is how to have a wider grill that could incorporate the newer hood style.

Like I said, I have a bunch of better images that show way more detail of the parts.

I realize that this add may seem a bit unusual or unprofessional, which I hope doesn't deter anyone from applying. I am very excited to do something like this, because I think it would look badass.

If you could PM me on here that would be great, and I look forward to working with you!
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