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Blender Eevee - Matching Camera orientation to viewport resolution?

Hi guys is there a shortcut/way to match the Camera orientation to the exact Viewport resolution/perspective in Blender?


  • gnoop
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    gnoop greentooth
    View>Align view>Align Active Camera to View  and align active camera to selection.    (Active camera is one set in Scene properties panel curently, Cone,sphere,dot pic)

    Works for orientation but not for resolution or side ratio unfortunately.   

    With both camera object selected and camera view on you can use Ctrl+B  to crop the camera frame on screen and move frame borders  after that very precisely.  Then you can check in "crop to render region"  in  Dimensions  panel ( Printer pic, below resolution inputs} .

    I don't know a way to render that cropped region in exactly  specified resolution.   Maybe  with  scale(absolute) and crop nodes in Compositing  window  but honestly it's simpler to downscale in Photoshop or like.

    ps.  With ortho cam you can also try to set/match the camera frame without crop region by picking  camera frame border itself in camera view ( camera object selected)  and move mouse around before releasing left button for scaling ortho view    and also  GX or GY  to move around .   

    With perspective camera you can make a plane object of desirabe side ratio. Say  scale a square plane to Z 0,5. then set camera resolution to 1024x512. Then  Align active camera to selected object. (plane)     It would make a perfect match.

    Unfortunately it works not that perfect with ortho camera but you can still ortho scale it the way I described earlier
  • Method14253
    Yeah, I've already tried ctrl+alt+numpad0 and adjusting it manually. Just really need a quicker way to do it like octane render, where the viewport naturally is the camera. Shouldn't sound absurd to implement if Octane has this feature already. Thanks for reply
  • lluc21
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    lluc21 polycounter lvl 2
    Not sure if this is what you're asking for, but you can lock a camera to the viewport by going into the N panel > view > view lock and tick lock camera to view.
  • Method14253
    *ANSWER* To fit the Camera Viewport to match the general Viewport dimensions hold CTRL then drag the middle mouse.
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