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Wooden Pallet

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Wooden Pallet modelled in Blender, textured in Substance Painter, Rendered in Unreal Engine.
Critiques and comments are welcome.


  • Lucas Annunziata
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    Lucas Annunziata polycounter lvl 12
    Getting some sort of stampe on the side of the pallet is always a cool touch. I think you're using too many nails as most board just have 2, and if there are 3 they are still in a row for for the most part. Most pallets i've seen hare made out of similarly sized pieces rather than the large blocks youve got on the corners, but if you've got a good reference of those types then go for it.

    Right now a lot of your wear and tear just looks like overlay/multiply of random grunge. Try to isolate specific spots and tell a story of the asset through its use. Maybe a specific scratch or staining.

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  • M_Godoi
    Thanks for the feedback. Now you're saying i see my mistakes.

    I will try to improve on my next one, and i will
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