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Weird jagged edges when baking polypaint in xnormals/zbrush

I decided to try retopologizing manually in blender, and after that I imported my mesh back into zbrush to project polypaint but I started getting weird edges as you can see from the image below. So far i've been doing UVmaster > texture map > new from polypaint on zremeshed meshes and its worked perfectly fine up, so it could be I messed up my retopology but If so I haven't a clue where its messed up. I tried using Uvmaster with and without control painting, then I tried the Uv planar option, antialiasing on and off, various uv map sizes and none of it helped at all. I'm on 16m polys so it shouldn't be that bad. I thought it might a zbrush thing so I tried using xnormals and I got the exact same jagged edges, strangely. 

Any ideas what could be causing it?

What I'm getting:

What it should look like:

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