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Blender to Unity rigging - Rigify integration issues?

I’ve been trying to set up this rigged character in Blender with the help of the Rigify addon (plus Rigify to Unity), and it basically has all the bones we want in it so far, but after importing it into Unity, there seems to be an issue with it figuring out how to put the rig together, apparently caused by a mixup between the ORG and DEF bones in how they’re parented to each other. 

Was it supposed to be arranged like this somehow, or was it an error in the workflow that may have caused it? In which case, I guess I can go ahead and attempt to fix the hierarchy?

Are the ORG bones also even necessary for the rig? Because they were still included when I checked “Deform Bones Only” in the export settings, and it looks like they’re used for bone constraints, to hold the DEF bones in place somehow, if I’m right?


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    Usually you should end up only with the deformation bones.
    I know this doesn't help you right know but what I did was to have the rigify rig drive my to-export armature via constraints.
    I can create this to-export armature automatically via script. 

    However I'm also interested how others do this. 
    When using Unreal there are tools which do the to-export armature creation during export which also eliminates all these helper bones from the rigify armature.

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