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[Finished] Mushroom Lady- Handpainter

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Roanna triangle
Hey Guys!
I really love handpainted stuff and I wanted to learn to make it, start to finish. I had lot's of fun on this projet and learned a bunch of new stuff. I follow a lot of Marc Brunet class on handpainted characters and it really helped me to understand better the pipeline.

Here is my process:
  • The blockout with all the most important parts of the silhouette

  • Refinament and adding details

  • Final High Poly render:

For the painting I started with grayscale using the  AO, Object normals and Normal maps. Then I refined painting on top of the bake on 3d Coat. Finally I used gradient masks on photoshop and made some finals touchups on Photoshop.

After the textures I used Rigfy on blender to make the rigg and pose her. Still on blender I modeled the assets of the scene and polished them on Zbrush.
And this is the final Result:

Sketchfab model:
More on my artstation:
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