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Zbrush displacement map to maya arnold doesn't look the same

Hello :) so here is my issue, I exported a displacement map from zbrush following this tutorial https://www.cggallery.com/tutorials/displacement/?hc_location=ufi, and then I plugged it into my aistandardsurface still following the same page, but there is a little difference between the render and what i had in zbrush: 
all the lighter green are not suppose to here, I tried many things, to tweak scale displacement, bound padding, scalar zero value, but it's worst or nothing happen... so if someone has an idea i will be incredibly grateful please !

EDIT: it looks like the internal part of my shirt is overlapping with the external one when i plug the displace, if i set de scale to 0 or 0.001 i dont have this issue but il loose a lot of detail..

Have a good night !
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