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Fabgrid is a new and powerful level editor that is easy to use

Fabgrid is a new level editor for Unity that has a simple user interface and is very easy to use. It includes an advanced snap system where you can between different snap options:
  • Snap to mesh
  • Snap to grid
  • Snap to floor
  • Adaptive snap (which combines the mesh and grid snap option in a way that makes it really easy to place out walls and buildings)
It also contains a flexible tile importer. You can either import one tile at a time by dragging in a prefab reference or you can import multiple tiles by specifying a path to a folder of prefabs.

Fabgrid also offers various that you can use when building your levels:
  • Brush tool for placing out one tile at a time
  • Rectangle tool for placing out multiple tiles
  • Eraser tool for erasing tiles
  • Selection box for selecting and deleting multiple tiles
The documentation is also available inside the tool itself which makes the documentation always easily accessible.

Last but not least, the level editor is also highly customizable. Nearly every command you can execute in the level editor can be rebound in the configuration panel.

This is only the first version and there are many more features that will be added in the future. If you have any feature requests, feel free to post it here.


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