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Blender - Shading - Creating Puddles X_X

Hi again,

Still doing Jama's tutorial. 
My puddles are matte black, when they should be glossy brown, I triple checked my node graph but I still seem to be missing something. Any Ideas? 

Mine Below:

Jama's from tutorial below:

My Node graph blown up in size to see below:


  • birb
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    birb greentooth
    You need to change the material Blend Mode of materials with transparency if you're using Eevee + use Screen Space Reflections / Refraction depending on what you're doing. You also need a World to be reflected in first place.

    On an unrelated note: I don't mean to be a jerk or anything, but next time please try to give the full information necessary for helping you like render engine being used and such. I can barely read anything of node trees. In these cases it's better to break the image in two and either post them separately or sew the together to ensure they're readable, avoiding excessive artifacts from compression.

    The tutorial you're following matters very little—stating the name doesn't provide direct access to the information relevant to your issue and I'm definitively not going to watch one just to figure out how it might relate. I don't think most people here would either. If you're comparing two node trees, one that works and one that doesn't then why not post the one that works as well? Plus if you can put the issue in the title (eg "Blender Eevee - Transparent puddles render black") please do.

    The less work you put passerbys willing to help through higher the chances of getting the said help. ;)
  • Method14253
    Screen Space reflections is already enabled.

    Good point about including the renderer. I do try to include as much information as possible in my questions.

    Piecing together my own node graph is fine, but trying to piece together the node graph in the tutorial is ify as it is never shown in the overall view just small segments at a time and I would have to find each segment in the videos and figure out how they were linked then puzzle it together, unknowingly as to where the node strings are connected to as they clip off the screen in every shot.

    Identifying the instructor/tutorial I am following is helpful to those who have taken the tutorial and may already have experienced this, not helpful particularly to you, but helpful to others who are using these very popular tutorials among artists.

    When using a Mix RGB Node to create Puddles using the normal map and a created blank water texture (for painting in the puddles) a neutral value must be assigned for the second color (switch to RGB, Value 1: 0.5, value 2: 0.5, value 3: 1.0)

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