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[WIP] Khajiit Armour Mod

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Deydranos polycounter lvl 3
Hey guys! Following on the recent post in the 2D thread I made, after a few concept tweaks based on feedback I've begun the sculpting phase of the armour. The current concept mock up looks like the following:

A few details are still just rough ideas I plan on going more indepth with in Zbrush
I've got the basic blockout done, got appropriately shaped blobs for every major piece. The parts are a bit thicker than I plan the final models to be though. I also added some extra padding around the waist because why not.

I'm currently refining the major shapes of the helmet. Any feedback on that would be greatly appreciated!

I recently viewed the updates with the ZBrush 2021 upgrade and I must say I'm very excited to try some cloth sculpting on this model inside of ZBrush!


  • Deydranos
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    Deydranos polycounter lvl 3
    It's been a while and I've been whittling away at this project for a while now. I'm a bit slower than I'd hoped.

    So I did the cloth in Marvelous Designer and cleaned up the metal parts with better sculpting topology.

    I wasn't a fan of the level of detail on the original concept and decided to do a paint over/mock-up, trying to aim for a more elaborate style. I was really inspired by mountain scale armour and ancient chinese general armours.

    Still unsure about the colour palette but that's something I'll tackle when I've got the high-poly done. I've also never made something as elaborate as this and I generally don't have the patience for this much detailing, so it's going to be a challenge. I tried to figure out how armour such as this is contructed so I'll actually model it correctly/realistically, but haven't been able to find much references beyond aesthetic ones.
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    HarlequinWerewolf polycounter
    Looking sick! Can't wait to see how this goes
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