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Blender, Rendering - Megascan bridge, failing import PINK OBJECTS in render

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Method14253 polycounter lvl 3
Hi Guys I am doing a tutorial follow along with Jama Jurabaev.

When I preview my material in "material Preview" everything looks good, but when I switch to rendered, it suddenly turns Pink.. I know this would be caused by a missing texture but that isn't possible here as I am simply bridging the texture from Megascan,... HELPPP please

Below: What material looks like in Renderer

Below: What material looks like in Material Preview

Below: Meterial settings from Megascan Bridge I am exporting with


  • birb
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    birb interpolator
    <b>Window > Toggle System Console</b>, then <b>File > External Data > Report Missing Files</b>. This will list exactly what's missing in your file.

    Given we can still see the normal in the render preview I guess it's the HDRI.
  • Method14253
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    Method14253 polycounter lvl 3
    Thanks that helped I will be posting the full solution step by step below for anyone that has this issue and for my own future reference if it happens again.

    1. First go to File > External Data > Report Missing Files.
    (this will show you the missing file i.e. Starmap.png)
    2. Next locate the missing file.
     (for me it was in my add-ons folder for Blender specifically for the atmosphere add-on)
    3. Finally go to File > External Data > Find Missing File > locate the directory for the missing file from above > click Find Missing File
    4. that's all folks

    personal note, make sure you have a sun light in the scene or you won't be able to use the Atmosphere Add-on
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