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Guide To Game Art Applications [FREE PDF]

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So you want to be an artist in the games industry? Getting there is really hard work and job applications are just another hurdle along the way. The 'Guide to Game Art Applications' covers the process from start to finish, confronting the challenges and pointing out the common pitfalls. With the guide, you'll be be bolstering your job application with cross-checked industry advice. You'll have to ditch unflattering work, stop calling yourself 'aspiring' and research for job interviews but as a result, you'll have a competitive application and be one step closer to your new job.


The pack contains:

- Guide to Game Art Applications PDF
- Portfolio and Job Postings graphic
- CV and Covering Letters graphic
- Art Tests, Interviews and Other Advice graphic
- Final checklist graphic

Kieran Goodson is a Junior Environment Artist at Rebellion working on the Sniper Elite series. Best known for his 'Those Who Mourn' scene, he strives to deepen the visual art-form with psychology and meaningful storytelling. A keen bloggerindustry podcast guest and also mentor at Experience Points, he's familiar with the rough road into the industry and presents his Guide to Game Art Applications to ArtStation.

Kieran Goodson -  Junior Environment Artist at Rebellion | Portfolio Twitter Instagram LinkedIn | Discord: AnHourOfWolves#9100
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