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[WIP] Cartoony Magic Creature (real time)

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Moriss5742 polycounter lvl 2
I'm working on something cartoony just to take a break from characters i do normally. I definitely want learn better shape language in characters, and retry all normal game dev pipeline stuff like low poly and texturing, because it's so fun to do them and I haven't had the chance to do them for a loooong time. 
For high poly i use Zbrush, then retopo and Uv in Blender and finally textures in Substance Painter.
My Concept is from artstation and was created by Forest Box https://www.artstation.com/forestbox/profile 

Main Ref:

So I started with high-poly and blocked everything in zbrush. Also tried to do a bit more detail on the face to see how the shapes from concept will work in 3d.

I tried to capture the weird smile, and the proportions more or less. I usually like to have shapes in place before even trying to correct everything, as I see more flaws that way.

Now i started to create more details on elements i like, and started to refine proportions and detail. 

This is al right now. I know that the ''coat'' thing is not in a good shape yet but I goona work on it next. 


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