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Looking for Comic Artist/Illustrator to Continue On Going Webcomic for Game (Filled)

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Hi All,

We are looking for a concept artist to continue our currently on-going webcomic that coincides with our game Volta X!We are looking for someone who has a great style, that can take these characters, robots, the world, and help build it out and continue to tell our story. We want someone with a good eye for detail as well as someone who is creative and has a good work ethic.


You'd be working alongside our Art Director and Concept Artist to make each page and panel. Related templates, thumbnails of the page, brushes, and character assets will be provided to fasten the production process.
This would be somewhat long term with 30+ pages needed. Your start date would be as soon as possible!


We'd prefer to see art similar to our style, as the point would be to match it. We have a unique blend of anime-inspired art that can be difficult to reproduce.


Good eyes for color and focus of the page
Good sense of perspective and movement
Good sense of character expressions and body language
Organized and fast learner
Great work ethic


Photoshop or Illustrator
3D software knowledge

We are perfectly willing to pay a competitive rate for your time. So please include that along with your portfolio.

If you'd prefer to tell us what you'd charge per page, we can do that too. As that might be easier at first and we can discuss particular terms during the paperwork.

But for now Portfolios and Rates will help us decide on an artist.

Below are examples of finished pages from the webcomic.

Please reach out to us here through PM or to email at cristian@gunghoonline.com
Looking forward to all of the great work.

This is what our story boards end up looking like, we have a lot of action scenes coming up! So keeping that in mind is important. Using our exisiting mecha rigs can really help the process.

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