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Looking for Spine Rigger/Animator for On Going Game Project

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Cthomp13 polycounter lvl 3
Hi All,

We are looking for another Spine Animator/Rigger to help us on our on going project.
We like to make good relationships with our animators as we look to continue to support this game for the longer term.
But we would need you to start as soon as possible! As we are already working on future updates for our game.

You would be responsible for the "Rigging", animation and any extra psd work (Ex. drawing an extra expression to swap for the current expression).
Typically, it would be for a few animations at a time, doing actions or acting.
We have many characters so you wouldn't always be responsible for Rigging. But when we require new skins rigging work might be required for existing characters.


Seeing work similar to our game is always preferable but seeing great skill and mastery of the software is great too!

We are perfectly willing to pay a competitive rate for your time. So please include that along with your portfolio.

Please reply here or send me an email at [email protected]

Below are some examples of our art/animations

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