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Star Shooters: Character concept art

This is my first video game project I will be sharing. I'll be sharing some concept art for my game series "Star Shooters". I hope to get some genuine critique on what the heart of the gaming community would love to see when it comes to adventure games such as this one that I wish to put out there someday. I will share more on my plans for my series later, but I will share these for now, since this is something that I have always wanted to do. For new artists and people starting out in the gaming industry, such as myself as of this moment;  we may seem small, like it's going to take a while to actually get somewhere in the videogame industry, or that we may never get the chance to have a big come up. However, depsite the vasts amount of games that comes out every year,  they all start out as sketches and dreams. It matters about the ambition behind it and the effort put in to cherish your dream projects. People will find you along the way, and they will stay if they cherish your projects as well. I really was not planning on writing a message, but i guess this can be motivation for myself as I make my along along in this journey. And other dreamers who happen to come across this post, I hope they read a bit of it and try not to give up on what they have been dreaming of doing ever since they have been little kids themsleves, playing their favorite videogames and letting their imagination run wild with their own little characters in their own little worlds.


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