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Clear Day on a Yellow Flower Field

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Omar_Souissi triangle
Just finished this! Would love any feedback, comments and critiques :) 

Artstation link : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/d8KDGA


  • teodar23
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    teodar23 interpolator
    Good start!
    The biggest issue that i have is the lighting. There are no shadows at all.
    The fog is way too strong especially in the first pic. The sky suggests an almost clear day which goes against a very foggy setup.
    The night scene is a bit too bright.
    Also, apart for the area around the rocks, the terrain is very flat - looks unnatural.
  • Omar_Souissi
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    Omar_Souissi triangle
    Hey Teodor! 

    Thanks a lot for your feedback, I really appreciate it :) 

    Lighting has really been my biggest source of doubts, tests, trials and errors throughout my personal projects. I feel it is very complex and full of technical settings and rules and don't yet master or aren't even aware of, despite reading documentation and tutorials etc. 
    Concerning the fog, I intended it to be atmospheric fog, and used it with the intent of pushing the rocky background far away from the flower field. 
    About the brightness of the night scene, I agree, I was just puzzled about how dark it should be when making it, and tried to make sure not to miss too much detail and have everything too dark. 
    Concerning the shadow, the orientation of the sun light doesn't help: it really points in a direction that doesn't make the objects and volumes cast visible shadow, and from far away, even with the max distance shadow settings on UE4, the casted shadows of the big rocks don't display...

    Anyways, thanks a lot again for your feedback, i'll definitely take in into account when updating this scene and working on my next scenes

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