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[RevShare] Aurora Wars Single Player game


Hello World,

My name is Sean, and I'm looking for some extra help to work on our Single Player game. Aurora will be based on a medieval fantasy world. The game will focus on main characters that you’ll find in future development games we do. You’ll see these heroes grow from where they started to where you’ll be seeing them in another story. We are building the lore and story from the ground up. We are going for a rich lore based game which a lot of the people you see and interact with will have some type of backstory. Our goal is to put together a beautiful compelling   game that anyone could jump in and fall in love with these characters. Also we would like people to hate some but feel bad. as not all villains started out bad. Something tragic happened in their life that you don’t really see.  This universe will be a Low Poly design. With this style we can reduce time but also allow for a lot of creativeness with the style. As if low poly is done right you can build a unique and beautiful world that players can just admire. We are looking for a few roles in the team below. We also have some pictures for references and our own design. 

3d artist Character/Creature and Prop Artist

UI/UX designer Able to create a low poly UI system to go with the feel of the game.

Animator Able to create simple to more complex animations

When we get further in development and closer to a testing phase we will start a kickstarter and find investors. RevShare will be based on how much work each person has done.

Questions or comment, please email me at ssingleton2582@gmail.com​ or message me on discord Sean S.#3970

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