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I forgot the pipeline...what happens after projecting details onto the low poly in Zbrush?

Hi. I'm trying to get my character into Unreal.
i've got the high poly in zbrush and imported the low poly that was retopod in Maya. 
In Zbrush I've projected the high onto the low....now i'm a bit stuck. I want to get the model into Substance to texture.
My question is, after projecting the details do I need to bake maps in Zbrush - and then what do I do with those?

I guess alternatively I could just take the high from zbrush and low from maya and bake directly in substance without projecting.

But advice would be great. 



  • icegodofhungary
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    icegodofhungary greentooth
    I would bake in Substance tbh. You're not really saving any work. Either you bake it in Zbrush and import the textures into Substance. Or you import the models into Substance and bake the textures. Importing 2 models and a cage is easier than several textures I guess. I don't bake in zbrush because it seems to take a lot more buttons to push.
  • kanga
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    kanga sublime tool
    If you want a game ready mesh you could bake the textures in zB, but if you have access to substance I cant see why you would. I dont see what mesh projection adds to the process. You would only use projection after a remesh to help with the sculpting process.
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