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Hey guys,

My name is Jean Pierre Vargas, I'm a 3D prop and environment artist from Spain.
I have worked in the past in VR games, for a local company called Delirium Studios. There I was creating props and environments for their game Unforgiven VR: https://store.steampowered.com/app/546210/Unforgiven_VR/

Since I left the company I've been doing other 3D jobs and continued learning and improving my technical and artistic skills, in order to some day go back to work in the games industry.

You can check a selection of my work on Artstation:


I will be posting my work here, to share my projects and I would hopefully like to receive some feedback from the amazing polycount Community!! ^^

Feel free to comment and discuss, and share your thoughts!


  • Jean_Pierre_Varg

    Broken Portuguese tile material, created in Quixel Mixer.

    This one has been my very first personal project I've created on Quixel Mixer. I wanted to create a Portuguese broken tiles facade material, as I lived for six months in Lisbon last year.

    Quixel is an incredible tool, and I would like to continue using it to create custom textures for my environments.

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