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[Rev-Share] Seeking intermediate 3D artist for co-op bullet hell game

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Hello!  I'm a programmer creating a co-op bullet hell game in Unity, much in the style of Realm of the Mad God.  The game play loop is simple and addictive.  You and some friends will join together, pick a dungeon, and try to blast through it for better loot.  Of course, there are permadeath elements as well, reinforcing the run-based design philosophy.

While you don't need to be professional, I'd hope you're still experienced in design and modeling.  The art style I'm looking for is a simple, cool, and compact, one that is easy to make over an afternoon.
- models will have simple shapes and blobby forms.  A snake could just be a tube with spheres for eyes and attached fangs.
- topology literally doesn't matter. There will be no UV unwrapping, rigging, or texturing.  Automesh it, and ship it out.
- animation will be done Claymation style, as in each frame will be a different model.  An enemy could be three frames, with each pose being nothing more than a simple transposition in Zbrush
- a few tileset mterials and props will be needed, also simple in design.

The art can be discussed further in-depth if you decide you're interested.  You'll also flex your creative muscles, helping to design dungeons, weapons, bosses, and more.

A huge priority is a focus on fast, modular development.  In fact, a solid portion of the code has already been completed.   I'd love for a partner in crime to join me for this project, churn out a good demo, start a fund, and take this thing to the Moon.  I'm willing to go 50/50 on profits if you're serious.

Please feel free to reach out here, or at my e-mail.  Thank you!

[email protected]
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