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Looking for a creative 3D Artist for a third-person Action game demo

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I'm currently a one-man hobbyist developer looking for a 3D artist to become the other half of this project.  I have 5+ years of experience with Unity and C#, and I am looking for a generalist (environment, characters, animations, and particle effects) for this project.  While you don't have to be a professional, you should have a good amount of competency in each of these areas.

The project is a third-person Action game in the vein of Dark Souls or Sekiro, though much smaller in scope. It involves fighting endless waves of enemies, similar to the survival shooters of years past. Essential combat, camera, level generation, and AI systems have already been about 70% programmed. The remaining problems to solve are trivial, and only a matter of time investment. I now need a talented artist to populate this system with content.

As for the art direction, while I have many ideas on where to take the project, I am more than willing to leave it up to you if you have your own solid vision. However, I prefer something efficient and stylized. Examples of stylization could include techniques such as low poly modeling, bold and simple shapes, cel-shading, PSX textures, etc. While I won't turn down a realistic style, I want this project to actually release on good time.

My goals for this project are to release a solid demo, create an indie fund or kickstarter, and take this the distance to release. I'm serious about this game, and am willing to split 50/50 if I meet an equally dedicated artist. Please reach out either here, or at my email [email protected] Thank you!


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