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Hello fellow forum members! Introducing myself, I am a brazilian artist, i have decided to participate in polycount's forum to improve my skills in digital art. Hopefully i'll get to interact with other students, artists and get motivated and improve my skills.

My background as an artist is all traditional - in traditional sculpting and traditional illustration and painting. This topic is mainly to document my progress in all things digital as i make the transition from traditional to digital medias.

To begin with i'll be posting my 3D evolution with Zbrush here, looking forwards to the journey! I am basically trying to learn Zbrush to be able to make digital versions of my sculpts.
I added a sculpture of a dinosaur i made in clay just for reference as to roughly where my sculpting skills are (dinosaur is from 9 years ago) and what i want to do with Zbrush hopefully. the dinosaur is a gargantuan Squiggoth from warhammer 40k universe that i copied to use on tabletop wargaming. I've done plenty more of sculpting (mainkly for wargaming hobby), if anyone's interested let me know and i'll share :)


So, without further delay, here are my first attempts at Zbrush
These 4 pics are my baby steps at sculpting on Zbrush:

1st model made: ork body (messed up the mesh and can't fix that mesh at the leg and turned off symetry by mistake at some point)

2nd model: ork skull totem (was testing texture with rock-like brushes and whatnot)

3rd model: Ork head - inspired in paul bonner's work (wanted to work on anatomy and adding subtools - the eyes. at some point i messed up and i can't smooth the model anymore, so ended with some weird texture from clay brush)

4th model: Sci-fi helmet (Just randomly made scify-ish textures to see if i could get something done without much thought or planning directly from a sphere)

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