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Digital Painting by Waqas Malik

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Waqasmalik polycounter lvl 5

 This is my work from the Golden Crescent project I am developing, very slowly tbh.  All the artworks from this project have a similar theme of mid, eastern architecture, and design. More can be seen on my Artstation page.  

You can also join me on my Patreon if you ish to support and get exclusive rewards. Here is the link.

Thanks and Take care.


  • ChangaRamirez13
    Holy crap dude! Pleasant surprise to find you in this forum!  :) I got a glimpse of your work in ArtStation. Beautiful work and process. I really love the dramatic use of lighting in your compositions. Mind sharing with me some references/inspiration materials? Congratulations man!
  • Waqasmalik
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    Waqasmalik polycounter lvl 5
    @ChangaRamirez13  Thank you buddy for appreciating my work. :)

    There is no specific reference for my work. I generally sketch out ideas based on my imagination and at times I go to Pinterest for inspiration.

    what kind of art you are most interested in?
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