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Substance Designer Iray not detecting GPU

For the last couple hours i've been trying to figure out why my GPU is not working with Designers Iray renderer.
There's not even an option for it! My CPU will run at 100% while my GPU sits in idle, it doesn't even show up in options:
While for others it looks more like:

I appreciate any advice and for reference my GPU is AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT 50th Anniversary Edition and my CPU: AMD Ryzen 3700X


  • poopipe
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    poopipe polycount lvl 666
    According to the internet Iray only  works on nvidia GPUs

    I guess the best advice would be to buy a proper graphics card but that doesn't really help you
  • DavidCruz
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    DavidCruz interpolator
    Hi, ran into a situation that appears - "confusing".

    Both 2019 versions, 1st is painter, 2nd is designer, how come one can use iray then the other can not?

    If it has to do with one being "real-time" it states on the error in the (designer) console that render_mode is not a valid renderer :
    [WRN][2758][IRay]The parameter 'render_mode' is not a valid render mode(see notes below).
    [WRN][2759][IRay]Fail to create IRay render context
    [WRN][2760][IRayGui3D/Gui3DPlugin]Fail to Start render IRayScene
    so in my uneducated (on coding matters) opinion this seems forced - so you purchase a green card (ha, that works too well.) 
    Atm i have a RED card, it works in painter, what gives?(for me this doesn't look good.)

    I'd love to know because this seems very strange, it should still work yet it does not..i'd like some help.
    Didn't make my own thread cause it falls into this one pretty well and i wanted to keep this place neat.
    Decided to learn something new this week and this is in the way atm.
    Edit: to be clear i agree i should have an nvda card, but i thought to give an alternative a chance once upon a time and i am now stuck in that horrible position till i can obtain a new or good enough gpu to replace this one so i can use this program..
    today found a "hacky" way to get around this its not enjoyable or helpful but i can do tutorials so... its a plus i guess. progress..  Strange,so strange...still want the secret files to make this work so still not solved, just bought myself time till a response.
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