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Looking for 3D Environment Artists for Project Stormbringer RPG

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Project Description:
On an isolated island tormented by monsters and magical horrors, a shipwreck survivor must quell an ancient god who threatens to rise again and wipe out the island’s inhabitants.

We’re looking for 3D Environment Artists for a medieval fantasy RPG project. 
The Gothic II and The Witcher 3 games are the main inspiration for this game, so knowing them, or even being a fan of them is obviously an advantage, but by no means required. 

Mysteria Studio UG:
Mysteria Studio has completed a large variety of Unreal Engine projects, starting in the UDK days, and is developing with UE4 since it was in Beta.
This includes both our own games and work for hire.
So we can offer you a welcoming and professional working environment, in which you can further improve your skills.

Website: www.mysteriastudio.com

Talent Required:
Environment 3D Artist (3)
Only High poly sculpting and stylized (preferably PBR) texturing skills required.

This forum thread is for Volunteers, who can still be less experienced in the games industry.
You receive a $50 monthly compensation for volunteering. It is only meant for covering some of the costs of getting started in the industry, like software subscriptions. If you require more than $50 / month for software costs that’s fine, please let us know in your application.

Job Description:
Create and texture models for various different elements of a medieval fantasy farm.  
The in-game models will have stylized / hand-drawn-look textures, but the characters, buildings, vegetation etc. will be realistically proportioned. (Unlike many other stylized art styles.) 
You’ll be working with detailed concepts drawn by concept artists who are already part of the team.
(See the header image for a reference of what the in-game texturing style looks like.)
Additional reference images will be provided, as needed.  

Application Process:
The first step is that you send the following information to [email protected] , or via Forum DM: 
- Please mention in the first line of your message / Email subject, that you are applying for a Volunteer position.
- A link to your online portfolio and / or examples of your past work in PDF form.    
- A list of the 3D modelling / texturing apps you have experience with.
- Optionally, a few words about projects you’ve worked on, medieval fantasy things you like etc.
Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about the job. 

The second step is that select candidates will be invited to work on the project for one month, mentored by me.
You'll model various elements of the farm.
An in-depth description and concept art will be sent to select candidates in a reply. 
You’ll also have to sign a contract that gives Mysteria Studio UG the usage rights to the 3D models you create for the project. 

If you deliver at least one model that is of high enough quality, to be used in-game, you get paid at the end of your first month.
Afterwards, the 3D models you contribute are reviewed for quality and quantity every month.
We‘re looking forward to your applications!


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