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Contemporary Outfit

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Hey guys, been working on this for little over a month and it's about time I share it. It was a great exercise testing out Marvelous and other tools in the pipeline. 

Entire outfit is game-ready and comes to 21,803 verts, 2 texture sets (dress, jacket+bag), spec/gloss workflow.

Blender served as in intermediary between all the different tools and used to make the small things like the buckles and zippers. MD for the base garments, Zbrush for detailing, Substance Painter for texturing, and Marmoset for renders. Poses and animations are from Mixamo. 

A lot of the renders are vertical so instead of flooding I'll leave the Artstation which has all of them: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/PoerLB

As always questions, feedback and critique welcome!

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