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Hey everyone, I am currently on the lookout for my next freelance project!

I’m a Freelance 3D Artist with a great eye for detail and a few years of experience working for independent studios. My main focus is Environments and Props and I have a thorough understanding of creating optimised environments and assets for games. As an individual I am open and collaborative, and have had a very good working relationship with all my previous clients. I have also been very involved in determining the pipeline and project scope for some startups previously so this is a service I can also provide.

- Modeling (organic and hard-surface)
- Sculpting
- UV mapping
- PBR Texturing
- UE4 Implementation
- Lighting
- Greyboxing
- Set-dressing

- Unreal Engine
- Maya
- Zbrush
- Substance Painter
- Photoshop
- Marvelous Designer
- Quixel Suite

Portfolio: https://www.artstation.com/tommartyn
Contact: [email protected]


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