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Post Apocalyptic game - Concept Artist needed

My name is Enrico, I have been in the industry 5+ years (https://www.artstation.com/rubixlight), I have been working on a game on my spare time with my business partner Adam, he will be helping with the business side to make sure we can succeed not only as a games studio but as a company and with that we need help from passionate people as we cannot achieve this on our own.

We are an indie studio looking for a Concept artist for long term collaboration and potential for commercial ventures in the future, to help us bring to life the vision we have for our project. We are building a Hardcore Post Apocalyptic RPG FPS Looter Shooter based in modern day Africa, after experimenting with a new alien material found off planet people were hoping to create a clean renewable power source, however the material resulted to be unstable and caused nuclear power plants around the world that were part of the new program to collapse and explode, contaminating water supplies, plants, animals and people. Players will have to fight against themselves, enemy factions, mutated animals and the mutated people. Gather loot, weapons, gear etc. upgrade your hideout and prepare for your next scavenging run, this is not your typical survival game as we want to create something different. Exploration is a LARGE part of our game plan, it wont be your usual scavenging runs, we want players to also want to explore and uncover secret locations, items and quests.

We currently have a team of 10 and are looking to expand to around 20 people to ramp up production of our prototype to present to investors/publishers. EVERYTHING YOU DO FOR US IS YOURS, YOU ARE JUST GRANTING US PERMISSION TO USE IT FOR DEVELOPMENT UNTIL FUNDING, WE WILL THEN COMPENSATE YOU FOR ALL YOUR WORK AND MORE.

You will not be compensated during development, no one in the team will be. Once we get off the ground we can offer employment.
We aim to create a work environment where everyone's voice matters just as much as the leads! So don't be shy and join us and let your voice be heard!

If you are interested to know more contact me at:
Discord: Kronk#6210

Thank you for your interest!


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