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3D Ben Affleck Prequel Fanfilm - Crew Call

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Hello, my name is Laurence and I have started this company under the name ATHEON STUDIOS . We are dedicated to making top tier films and series with good score, writing, and visuals. We already have talented and experienced writers and composers, we just need artists. That’s where you come in, the visuals. Animators, CGI/VFX/3D modelers, concept artists and designers such as yourself we believe to be the very heart of this company. We believe in strong and healthy teamwork.

Our first project- “ Batman: A Beautiful Lie ”

It is an upcoming HYPER 100% realistic 3D animated film I’m working on with several others based off the Ben Affleck Batman. We intend on a 2022 release date and want this to be very, very realistic as it is meant to be a prequel to “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” We ensure that if we have people like you on board, along with our strong creative team, our movie will make history in fan-films. We wanna take a deep dive into Batman’s tragedy and really break Batman. Robin will be in this, Batman won’t kill, but we want to try to explain to the audience why Batman does kill in Batman v Superman . We know BvS was not the most well received movie, but we know that everyone wanted to see Ben Affleck’s Batman in his prime, no killing. That’s what we’re giving them, the ideal Batman.

If we have the team behind this, we can get immense popularity and some profit if done right. Legally due to licenses and likeness, this project cannot have any budget. Because of this I cannot pay upfront, BUT with merchandising, this may offer MONEY if we get money (POTENTIAL PAY with CROWDFUNDING, for example: statues, toys, merchandise, etc.). We can’t do this and bring our artists pay without the work and talent like you have. There could also be pay from other forms like Kickstarter, GoFundMe, Patreon... the money will go to the talented workers and to charity, I won’t take a single penny. However, while pay is a possibility, we are much more concerned with putting our vision out there and having a great teamwork experience. Also, this project can provide both great recognition and a great experience. Of course this kick-starter movie can provide pay, but in the future we will move onto original projects (non-licensed) that can offer pay upfront.

If we build a very strong visual team alongside my creative team which I’m confident in, this has the potential to be one the biggest fan-film out there. All Batman and superhero fans have wanted this movie ever since Batman v Superman got announced years ago - we just have to deliver. I’m looking for a huge team and you would be a valuable part of many. We would love your help, big or very small. I am just gathering names at this stage so your role could be as little as *ONE* character model or one concept design for example. Looking forward to hearing from you, I believe this can be a huge opportunity for all of us.


Have a good day, Laurence ATHEON STUDIOS

OPEN POSITIONS: (Freelance unless you want to provide a lot of work)



-Concept Artist/Character Designer - scenes, characters, world-building, etc.

-Matte Painter





-Matte Painter




-Visual Effects (VFX) Artist


STANDARD OF WORK: VERY detailed, believable to be a prequel to the real Hollywood film, Batman v Superman (minus the limitations of live-action and the studio involvement, we want to bring something for the fans, by the fans). So the work has to be HYPER-realistic to match actor-likeness and the growing technology seen in games like “Cyberpunk 2077,” “The Last of Us Part II,” and “Far Cry 6.” You don’t have to be the best modeler or artist at first to join our crew… this is a growing experience for us all… and by the end we hope to hone our skills and bring a masterpiece.

We have a team of around 25 people, from writers, to 3D/2D artists, to composers - one of the composers being Greg Dombrowski, a renowned and professional artist. 



Because we want a huge crew and are gathering names - if you have a tough schedule, all you need to do is one character model or concept, etc. Any help at all to be a part of our crew. If you have the ability and want to do more work that would be greatly appreciated and that will be taken into account when considering the possible profits from crowdfunding.

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