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3D scanning/Photogrammetry- How to clean a "mess of (not just) floating "garbage" points"?

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Jonathan85 polycounter lvl 5
In 3D scanning/photogrammetry, In Agisoft metashape (photoscan), is there a way how to clean a mess of (not just) floating points? After generating dense point cloud you get a lot of "mess points" (pictures below) - some are floating, some are "connected" to the main shape... These are "garbage points", is there some "automated" solution/feature of how to get rid of them...? Sure i do it by hand but it costs a lot of time... Any feature/worfklow/function in agisoft how to get rid of them quickly/automaticaly...? (at least partially)...?
If agisoft doesnt have such feature (in which version?) is there some other software that can clean this easily?



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