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Sketchbook: Anthea van Leeuwen

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Antheavl polycounter lvl 4
Hey y'all, just setting this up here to have a place where I can post my WIPs!

To start this bad boy off: here's a concept I've been working on the past week or so. After finishing my onigiri robot, i sort of found out i really love doing mechanical parts after all. I also wanted to integrate my love for street fashion and whatnot!

The gist of it is pretty much there, but if anyone has any feedback i'd love to hear it :blush:


  • Antheavl
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    Antheavl polycounter lvl 4

    it's been a while, but i made quite a bit of progress!
    slapping some poly paint made it much easier to get the face better as well.

    i'm a bit tunnelvisioned at the mo, so if you guys have any feedback at all please let me know! 
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