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Holy Land - Stylized Prop

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LucasNazato polycounter lvl 2
This is my take on the cover art of the album Holy Land by the Brazilian heavy metal band Angra.

I'm learning how to create stylized assets for games and this project was really good to practice that, I got more used to sculpting in Blender and creating stylized textures is really fun.
The model ended up being a bit high poly with 12k tris and 4k texture maps, but I wasn't worrying too much about optimization with this one, I just used a diffuse map and normal map.

Modeling/sculpting in Blender, texturing in Substance Painter and baking/rendering in Marmoset. 

Marmoset viewer and videos on ArtStation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/VgyZD4

Feedback/critiques are welcome, specially about the stylized workflow and any details you may think could be improved, thanks!

Diffuse map

Normal Map

Clay Render
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