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War Nomad is Free Browser MMO game I made in just five months. it has planets and HAND STEERING

Have you ever played a stickman MMORPG? Or a game where you can walk on planets from all, 360 degrees? Most games would just make you fall, but not War Nomad. Here gravity pulls you in! Not only that but it's absolute and harsh open world PvP (and PvE). Even better because after youre done doing all that crazy unorthodox stuff on one planet you can collect resources, craft a space ship, try to escape planet gravitational force and fly to some other planet! Or perhaps fight on space-ships with other players (the last feature not implemented yet but working on it every day). Oh BTW, did I mention mouse steered arms and swordmanship?

War Nomad is a game I released after just 5 months of coding (ALONE) and that is still getting updates and bug fixes everyday. Picture says more than thousands words so I guess it's best to show an infographic:

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