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Sci-fi Prop Modeling - Ongoing Contract

I am seeking to hire one or two 3D artists to contribute low poly sci-fi props for a KickStarter project. I need several dozen props produced over the next two months. Beyond that, If the KickStarter is a modest success, there could be several months of part or full-time work to follow. If the KickStarter is a big success (if all the stretch goals are met), there could be full-time work for at least a year and possibly long term beyond.

The models we need are going to be very simple to start, as we need quantity over quality, though one of the kickstarter stretch goals would involve revisiting all of them to add more detail, better texture maps & materials.

Although the models are simple, I nevertheless require skilled modelers with a keen eye for detail, good artistic sensibility, who can produce models that both look good and consistently meet the specifications.

Ideally, you work in 3DS MAX and are competent with Unity; however, if you can provide clean models that meet our needs in FBX, producing them in MAX isn't critical. The important thing is that you can produce clean, UVW-unwrapped, good looking low poly models.

If you're interested, please get in touch with samples of your work. I'm looking for applicants with large portfolios that demonstrate plenty of experience, consistent quality, very high capability to produce great sci-fi models.

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