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WalkingFishy polycounter lvl 7
Hello everyone my name is Marlon Melgar and am looking for guidance and critique on my projects. I also look forward to speaking with anyone for suggestions as well as how everything works in Polycount.

I am currently working this character in Zbrush. The concept art is from KelvinHiu and I found this in his deviantart (here is a link) and I thought it would be interesting and fun to make a 3D model of it.


  • blushing_morrigan
    This is a really great start IMO. Out of curiosity, how much experience do you have with 3D modeling? And have you done much anatomy study? The base you got here is great, and needs some refinement, currently some of the muscles feel slightly blocky I think, like they need to attach to the muscles surrounding it. (I'm thinking mostly the abs area, the shoulders look quite good) Looking forward to updates!
  • WalkingFishy
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    WalkingFishy polycounter lvl 7
    I’m trying to rekindle my experience in 3-D modeling and anatomy as well. Thank you for taking time to look at and give me your thought on it. I am hoping to post a update later this week and I hope to hear more feedback. 
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