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[Rev Share] Tiny Hut Studios looking for multiple positions

Our team is looking to fill the following positions below to help round out our budding start-up project. We are set to complete this demo build of our project by the end of the year.

Looking For: Programmer(Urgent), Character artist/Animator/Rigger , 3D Generalist

Our Talent: Here at Tiny Hut Studios we are looking to acquire some core members to help get this project off the ground. We already have a few environment artists a concept, artists. Officially we have started production and are eagerly looking for new talent to bring aboard however we need some key members to help develop this project

Project: This project at its core is a Hack and slash set in a dark fantasy setting with heavy elements of recourse management as well as crafting. We already have a strong foundation from a game design perspective and concept art is coming down the line. Here below are some concept images that have already been developed

Our intention is to develop a solid and well-polished demo piece that will allow us to create a Kickstarter and crowd fund for further development

Length Of project: Until the project is complete

Split %: Will be discussed upon interview

Contact Method: Please check out the following link on positions available and how to apply. Please read the position description for all the information you need. You also must be at least 18+ to apply.  https://docs.google.com/document/d/11YF7URVxX1_vJWGWwXmiK16ulE8pbzofktJe1BhJ8XI/edit?usp=sharing


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