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M3 Grease Gun

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rexo12 greentooth
Put together this model of an M3 Grease Gun over the last couple of weeks. I intend to port it into Insurgency (2014) as a weapon replacement mod with custom animations, just to get more accustomed with a game pipeline workflow (even if it is the source engine). Check out more photos/sketchfab on my artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/xJJlr1

The low poly consists of 29k tris and 3 texturesets. Frankly I could have just left this at 2 texturesets but I figured I should separate the magazine (which i realise is unfounded). If there's any interest I may document the import/animation process for Insurgency, particularly as a lot of the documentation that exists is quite sparse.

As always, critique is welcome!


  • KAE
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    KAE polycounter lvl 2
    I see some shading or texture problems on the magazine. This must not be a baking problem, but it's like a bug in SP,  appears if you're using multiple exploded meshes at the same time, that use the same UV space.
    Another tiny thing is about the jagged shadows. This can be fixed if you turn off contact refinement and increase light width. 
    Otherwise really nice work and materials!  
  • rexo12
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    rexo12 greentooth
    @KAE thanks for your response! The marmoset trick is very good to know thank you. The magazine is actually in its own textureset, although the UVs are mirrored and stacked. Could that cause issues with bakes, such as object-space maps? I did notice artifacts in the bake but they didn't seem to cause shading/visual problems (I guess i was wrong) so i left it as is.

    (Getting this model to bake properly was a bit of a nightmare, largely because of the way blender post 2.80 seems to treat normal directions as though they're irrelevant).
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