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[Hiring] [Remote] Cyberpunk 3D Animation for Major Product Launch (Tight Timeline)

*Can provide further details once NDA is signed*

Project Overview

We are looking to develop a high quality 3D animated video to announce an upcoming major product launch.

Looking for a talented, professional, and fast-working animator who can deliver on a hard deadline. Open to working with one person or a team. Ideally will have experience animating cyberpunk/futuristic sci-fi settings, as well as character animation.

  • 30-90 Second AnimationFormatted For Youtube, IG, and Twitter (depending on what is achievable by the deadline)

  • H264 MP4 @ 1080+

  • 15 Second variant

  • Teaser clips

  • Early Teaser (could be storyboard asset)

Background + Creative:

The theme of the video is set in a cyberpunk/future dystopian cityscape (Neon lights, cyber tech, future propaganda, etc all on display). The video will involve character animation of one or more protagonists moving through this world. The end of the video will be the final product reveal.

We can provide more specific details about storyboard/thematics once NDA is signed.

  • First Teaser Image - 7/21

  • Final delivery - 8/9 (ideal)

  • Video Launch Date - 8/14 (TBD)

  • TBD

  • Ideally < $10,000

Feel free to pitch us budgets and variations.


Please fill out this form if interested: https://forms.gle/UayPCupFtWqt59pX9
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